good stores for online shopping (clothes) ? ?

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Hope gamestop has my battletoads preorder ready

M.I.A. in “Shifting To A Higher Ground” / Photographed by Simon Thiselton / Styling by Matthew Josephs, for Clash Magazine December 2013

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thank u british friends for being always being awake when i’m awake but nobody else is. what time is it for you friend ?

i’ve been rolling since 12am, feeling so good i might go shopping today i’m getting along really well with my newer roomate i’m making money my room is a chill as fuck hobbit hole, im seeing someone that i REALLY LIKE A LOT and they always smell like the coconut body butter from the body shop ~~~~~~~~~ life’s ggood 

“so…do u wanna watch netflix”
- someone thats tryna bang (via pharaoni)

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Anonymous asked: Yo, have you been having troubles with any of the following things? Brain fog, sleep deprivation, depression, or lack of apetite?

uhm i guess, why are you asking me this?????????????

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mermaid SWAG